Dr.Ferrin's Healing Hands

Vanessa Cadden

About nine months ago, I lost my voice!   My mother was being treated by Dr. Marc Ferrin and mentioned my problem to him. He suggested that I come on in and he would examine me and determine if he thought he could help me or not, so I scheduled an appointment.  Physicians at the University of Washington had examined me to see what was wrong, I already been to all kinds of specialists, like ear nose and throat doctors and by then I had given up. They told me that I might never get my voice back and I was scared!

I went to see Dr. Ferrin for a consultation and examination, he took x-rays. He explained to me that the body is controlled by the nervous system and that my spine was out of alignment. Dr. Ferrin gave me a treatment plan and began adjusting my spine. I woke up one morning and was able to speak every other word very softly; my voice was still mostly a whisper. Soon thereafter Dr. Ferrin taught me exercises to do each day and continued adjusting my spine and my voice slowly became stronger and stronger and finally has returned to normal!!

There was a time when I was afraid that I would never be able to sing again, but thanks to Dr. Ferrin my voice is back!

Chiropractic worked so well for me; maybe it can help you to. Call Dr. Ferrin’s office and make an appointment to find out!  842-6778


THANK YOU, Dr. Ferrin!!!