Nancy Hanne

Nancy Hanne

I had the opportunity to try (and continue to use) Dr. Ferrin’s Healing Shea Butter. I am a nurse who washes her hands very frequently with hospital grade soap and alcohol hand foam, so my hands are prone to dryness and painful cracks, especially in the winter time!

I have to admit, after massaging some of the Healing Shea Butter on my hands in the evenings, the skin on my hands has become a lot more soft, supple and healthy.

I am now able to withstand the harsh soaps I have to use at work!

You can tell this is a very fine grade Shea butter—it is very smooth and creamy and has a dense consistency that is nice to massage into the skin. It has a very mild, neutral scent and little goes a long way!

I’m looking forward to another harsh Minnesota winter knowing my hands will be protected with Dr. Ferrin’s Healing Shea Butter!