Dr.Ferrin's Healing Hands

Donna Halsaver

Retired Chief of Protocol |

Never having been to a chiropractor I was skeptical when my husband suggested seeing one for my lower pack pain. I have arthritis in my lower back and felt that I was just stuck with the pain!! I decided to try Dr. Ferrin after my husband began with him. I am so happy to say that my lower pack pain is gone, that I can bend over with no problem, and that I stand much taller! I also have a much greater range of motion in my neck!! I feel so much better and am thankful that I finally made the decision to try chiropractic with Dr. Ferrin! Dr. Ferrin and his staff are great and a real plus for me is being greeted by Dr. Ferrin’s Great Dane, Frisco – I get a hug from Frisco every visit!!