Dr.Marc Ferrin with daughter Jordan and Frisco

Dr Ferrin believes that everything that happens in the mind and brain is physically represented elsewhere in the body, Thoughts, feelings, perceptions and memories will directly influence physiology by means of neurotransmitters such as dopamineoxytocin and serotonin. It has been stated, “Your mind, your body and your consciousness – which is your spirit – and your social interactions, your personal relationships, your environment, how you deal with the environment, and your biology are all inextricably woven into a single process … By influencing one, you influence everything.” “58”

Dr. Ferrin practices integrative medicine, combining the medical model of conventional Western medicine with alternative therapies such as naturally derived substances for nutritional support, bone setting, electro-acupuncture and meditation which prompt the natural healing components within our bodies.

Dr. Ferrin promotes a healthy, vital, attractive lifestyle supported by responsible weight loss; however, most of us do not offer vitality and health the critical level of focus it deserves. Instead, most of us turn toward prescription drugs and other non-vested means to obtain panacea.

In today’s world, most of us have busy lifestyles, stress, easy access to unhealthful fast foods, constant exposure to unseen toxic chemicals, and a diminished quality food.

ferrin with lester mo
Dr.Marc Ferrin with Lester Mo, PGA Professional for 55 years

We each need to take control and actively pursue the healing healthfulness the energy and vitality, and the many sources of natural herbal medicines which have been utilized for centuries by the many who came before us. 

There is no panacea.  If one simple solution begot healthfulness for alleviation of all symptoms and disease, it would be death of our body and life of our spirit.  If we focus upon our inner voice and find advocacy among us, we are able to offer healing to any physical burdens confronting us.

If our focus is upon fading stretch marks, or reducing the stark effects of scarring, we have available to us naturally sourced solutions. Unfortunately, in these times and since forever, there are those who offer what seems to be what we are looking for, but instead mask a low cost, low quality product which does not provide what our intention hoped for.

Each day we have to either perform our own due diligence or find a handful of us who live with integrity and sleep peacefully, knowing we are doing our best to encourage through honest and effective healing techniques.

Dr. Ferrin has continued to grow the scope of influence amongst his own patients and a growing community through frequent classes and presentations.

Dr. Ferrin has worked closely with Dr. Ji Sheng Han, Head Director of Bejing Medical School and a Giant in study of Neuroscience  and natural Healing.

Dr. George Ulett, MD PHD has been a close friend and supporter of Dr. Ferrin.  These researchers, Drs Han and Ulett, have played integral roles in the private practice techniques used by Dr. Ferrin in the past decades.

After seeing the effects upon his own patients, efforts have been made to reach out and provide the same to those in need, worldwide.

The most recent focus which has energized Dr. Ferrin has been the Healing Shea Project.  This Global Project has sprung forth rapidly and which has offered raw, natural and healing substances derived from the earth, and made available to those who seek healing.

The sources utilized in the formulas and offered for use, are personally handled by Dr. Ferrin and his community of trusted individuals committed to the same mission; “Offering natural sources of Healing, with Purpose and Joy”.

{ “58” } reference Chopra

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